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Trolley wheel installation tips
1. First push the safety buckle on the push handle to the right end, so that it is in a folded state;
2. Squeeze the handle firmly with one hand, then lift the car slightly upwards and pull the push handle back hard to open the frame;
3. After the frame is opened, push the safety buckle to the left, so that the frame is locked.
The role of the trolley wheel
The function of the trolley wheel is: to carry the weight of the whole vehicle, transmit traction force, braking force, driving torque, and braking torque; alleviate and absorb the shock and vibration caused by uneven road surface; improve the adhesion between the wheel and the ground.
The trolley wheel consists of the wheel, the hub, and the connection between these two parts. Since the wheel is a rotating body, it requires high dimensional accuracy, small unbalance, certain elasticity and rigidity, fatigue resistance, lightweight and good economy.

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