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What do Outdoor cleaning storage supplies generally include?
When camping outdoors, it's not like having everything at home, so the necessary equipment is still needed, in addition to popular tents, small carts, folding chairs, small tables, etc., there are also outdoor cleaning storage supplies for household waste It is also very necessary to prepare. At present, the most used ones are folding drying racks, folding laundry baskets, folding towel racks, folding various hooks, folding storage bags and so on.
Tips for using Outdoor cleaning storage supplies
If the camping equipment wants to be used for a long time, cleaning and maintenance are also very important steps, so how to maintain the different outdoor cleaning storage supplies?
Here are two examples of how to use common storage products:
1. Folding drying rack: When using it, you need not use force to open it, and fold it back in time after use, otherwise it will damage the parts.
2. Folding laundry basket: After use, the laundry basket should be judged according to different materials. If it can be washed with water, then it should be washed with water. If it cannot be washed with water, it should be wiped with a wet paper towel.
Storage rules for Outdoor cleaning storage supplies
If the camping equipment is not classified, it will be very messy, especially in the place where there is no light source. In the face of an emergency, but you can’t find the equipment you need, you are definitely asking for trouble; although the storage rules of different outdoor cleaning storage supplies are slightly different, But the purpose is to make it easy for people to use it outside. In addition, the storage rules for other camping equipment are as follows:
1. Remember the principle of top-heavy bottom-light
Many people think that the center of gravity of a camping backpack must be placed on the bottom layer to make the backpack stand firmly. In fact, this concept is quite wrong. From the structure of the human body, shoulders can be used to bear weight. If the weight is on the bottom layer of the backpack, gravity will pull the person backward; on the contrary, when the weight is on the upper layer of the backpack, the weight will be pressed on the person's shoulders, and more Close to the back, avoiding the trouble of constantly shifting the backpack when traveling.
2. Put non-emergency supplies first
Put mats, sleeping bags, warm clothes and other non-frequently used items at the bottom of the backpack first; In case of emergency, the bottom equipment can be taken out.
3. Food should be kept fresh on the surface
Unless you eat processed food such as canned food, many people always enjoy the fun of camping during picnics. However, when you go to the wild, it is more difficult to keep fresh ingredients fresh. You must pay more attention to the storage location and put them on the top of the backpack to avoid them. Foodstuffs are pressed to speed up the time to go bad. At the same time, pack the backpack to the top periphery of the inner layer, and you can also put a survival blanket to strengthen the outer layer to protect the materials, and the appearance of the backpack will be more flat and beautiful.
4. Keep the periphery as simple as possible to avoid hooking foreign objects
The outer layer of the camping backpack generally puts as few things as possible, even water bottles are not recommended, so as not to fall to the ground and catch plants and stones in the mountains and forests. It is recommended that the mesh pockets on both sides of the backpack can hold trekking poles to cope with longer paths.

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