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The structure of the folding drying rack is simple
The folding drying rack is a clothes hanger with a retractable folding function added on the basis of the ordinary clothes hanger. The folded clothes hanger used outdoors has various sizes and various folding styles. The general structure is simple, the design is novel, and the windproof effect is good. At the same time, it should be fast, convenient, and practical to hang and take out clothes.
The difference between folding clothes hangers and household lifting clothes hangers
The same point: they are all drying racks.

The folding drying rack can be folded, but not fixed. But it is easy to carry and is generally used for outdoor camping, business trips, and hotels. Because of its small size and convenience, it is loved by people
The household lift drying rack cannot be bent. It depends on your user environment to choose the appropriate drying rack. A lifting clothes hanger refers to a device installed on a balcony for hanging and drying clothes. Because of its lifting function, it greatly facilitates the drying process.
Selection skills of folding clothes hangers
Hangers are items that everyone uses to wash clothes, so they are common in life. You can use a folding drying rack when camping outdoors, so how to choose a high-quality folding drying rack?
1. A good product does not rust: so the first thing to look at when choosing clothes to rack is the material. Only a product that does not rust can ensure that the clothes are clean and tidy. Most of the clothes racks on the market today are made of aluminum alloy, which basically will not rust;
2. Whether the folding parts are firm or not is one of the main factors that determine the safety of the product. Choose high-quality materials, and avoid choosing materials that are easy to break and burr.
3. It is necessary to choose a foldable product with a high reuse rate so that it will not break and cannot be used after being used once or twice.

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