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Camping Folding Bed Industry Knowledge Extension

The camping folding bed is for us to sleep when we are camping outdoors. In fact, it is nothing more than improving the quality of sleeping outdoors. If you can’t sleep without a bed, then it is recommended to buy a camping folding bed. Other than that, it is not recommended to buy. In addition, people who carry camp beds basically drive by themselves, because it is difficult to carry them by manpower, so they can only rely on vehicles.
The installation process of camping folding bed:
Step 1: When looking for a campsite, you must choose a flat place. Before setting up the tent, you will also clean up the hard stones and branches of the camp to avoid scratching the tent.
Step 2: Spread the assembled camping folding bed flat, place it on the ground, and then move it into the tent. Find a flat ground and place it, check the stability of the camping folding bed, and use it.
Step 3: Use a moisture-proof pad + air pad under or around the camping bed to effectively isolate moisture and small bugs.

Precautions for the use of camping folding beds
Most camping beds are detachable and do not take up much space after storage. Most camping beds are made of aluminum alloy brackets, which are not only strong but also light. Of course, there are also steel ones, but it is very bulky. There are currently three types of brackets, namely straight leg structure, C-shaped back structure, and X-shaped leg structure. Straight legs are the more traditional type, C-shaped legs are generally used indoors, and X-shaped legs are common outdoors. Click any link in the article to enter the store, and then search for camping beds, you can see the link to buy the recommended camping beds in the article. If you are using a camping bed inside a tent, be sure to pay attention to whether the legs of the camping bed have protective covers. If there is no protective cover, the metal bracket legs may directly pierce the tent.

Under normal circumstances, the weight of an aluminum alloy camping bed is about 7-12 kg. If it is a heavy-duty steel bracket, it may be even heavier. However, with the continuous updating of materials, some very light camping beds have appeared. There is a camping bed in our store, which is made of polyester oxford cloth + 7075 aluminum alloy, weighs only 2.3kg, and has a maximum load of about 150kg, which can be carried even for hiking.
Regarding the fabrics of camping beds, most of them are polyester or nylon fabrics on the market. Now there are also cotton camping beds and mesh camping beds. The mesh is cooler in summer.
Camping Folding Bed is really a very good choice for you
The outdoor camping bed is really a very good choice because compared to sleeping directly on the ground, it will have a sense of sleeping at home, and a certain distance from the ground can also prevent small bugs from approaching you, so camping folds The bed is also considered a more rational choice outdoors.
Its advantages are lightweight, small volume after folding, no contact with the ground, moisture-proof and breathable.

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