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Features of camping carts
The camping cart is a must-have artifact for camping, suitable for most camping friends, especially moving camping. Now that camping is so popular, when you go to a camping place, there will be a camper next to almost every tent or canopy, with different colors and styles, big or small. It can take on the role of transporting things when going out, and it can hold a variety of camping and sized items.
Secondly, the camping cart also has the function of posing for photos. Because people are pursuing personalization, the styles of camping trolleys are very diverse. Different styles of camping trolleys with different outdoor scenery will have different filming feelings. Plus a variety of small items, such as coffee mugs, outdoor retro lanterns, various desserts, food and more.
Is it necessary to start with a camping cart?
For partners who often play outdoors, it is almost the existence of ceiling camping accessories. Because when playing outdoors, I often bring a lot of things. For example, snacks, water, tents, etc., when there is a barbecue and picnic, there will be more food. Then, if you carry the big and small bags and take them to the dinner party, you will be exhausted before eating, but if you start camping Small trolley, you only need to put all kinds of food in the small trolley, and then drag it away effortlessly, wouldn't it be very happy and happy.
It is also very friendly to families with children because children are pure and naughty. In order to successfully subdue them outdoors, a camping cart is a better choice. Just put the children in the cart and take them with you. Walking around is also easy and hassle-free.
In addition, when not going out to play, it can also be used as a small cart for residents, such as picking up express delivery, shopping in supermarkets, etc.
Key Points for choosing a camping cart
1. Steel pipe bracket
If you want to be strong and not easy to break, naturally the thicker the pipe diameter, the better. Another advantage of choosing a thicker version of the bracket is that it is less likely to rust.
2. Fabric selection
For long service life, it is recommended to choose 600D Oxford cloth! Two layers of tear resistance are used as the main fabric part, and the surface looks similar to the joint weaving of hemp rope.
3. Tires
In addition to tank wheels, polyethylene tires are also a good choice. The advantage of polyethylene tires is that the tread has been fully widened, which may be more than twice as stable as ordinary wheels.
4. Folding aspect
If it is more convenient, choose the model that can be folded by pulling down the middle. Its operating principle: hold the pole in the middle and lift it up, and then complete the folding work within 3 seconds.

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